Vape City DC (update)

A few months back we shared our thinking behind the "Six Sided Hex" logo for Vape City. Although this was not the logo chosen, it was a good example of how we integrate company aspirations into their branding strategy. Read more about it HERE. vapecity_shoot_creativesession_concept Since then Vape City has moved into their first location out in Daly City, California and on any given day you can find the owners: Ken, Dj or Jordan, behind the counter and ready to lend a hand. These guys are more than helpful and knowledgeable about Vaping so come check em out, they have awesome starter kits. Just let them know Creative Session sent you (no guarantee you'll get a discount though, ahaha).


Spent this past weekend filming and shooting high res photos for the portfolio. It's the best when you can show design work in context and we're super happy with the way this project turned out.

Here is a rough cut we put together. We're planning on a re-shoot for voice over. The audio has too many random artifacts and just sounds bad.  But enjoy this for now.