Starry Sky

{ } California Made Clothing that affirms your true beauty. Eye catching fashions for the everyday fabulous woman. jasper_peg_shoot_creativesession_hoang_breannebumanlag_3

For the lack of behind the scene photos for this project, I'm unable to show you guys our thought process this time around. But here's a change of pace for ya, photos from the shoot and a promo video.

J&P reached out to shoot a promo to feature their "Starry Night" line. These draping hoodies, embellished with icey white crystals remind us of beautiful rain drops. After noticing the duality of the white and black pieces we conceptualized around the idea of Yin/Yang. The contrast between dark and light, good and evil. We settled on the idea of two alternate versions of oneself, and what it might be like if somehow these two versions interacted with each other in two separate but identical universes.

Although the final video isn't as elaborate as the original idea, we're really happy with the results. Tell us what you think about this project and enjoy the photos taken from this day.



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