We love stalking Adweek for inspiration. A huge part of being an industrial designer is to pitch ideas. Sell a dream, a vision to a clients. The best way to do this I think, is through story telling. Industrial design isn't just about drawing awesome shit, CAD'ing sex appeal and cool aesthetics. To us its about capturing a clients DNA. Telling them who they are. Then telling them who/what they can become. It's more important than the final product. Lay the ground work before building the building.  More and more we've realized that integrating a good analytical eye into our design process goes a long way. Be empathetic to who they are historically. Innovation is building upon the past.  

Today I watched a Nike ad called "Unlimited You" -- My immediate reaction was... I thought "Just Do it" was already amazing. Cudos to Weiden & Kennedy for  this one. They've captured the essence of "Just Do It" Then pushed the brand beyond it. I love it. 

ASTRO Brings home GOLD

Some of you may know us personally, others may vicariously live through the fun/boring things we do. Both Anh and I have design jobs by day and batman by night. Congrats to my partner and brother on working on the Nike Fuel Band at his awesome day job with ASTRO STUDIOS (www.astrostudios.com)- Such a successful awesome products this is only the beginning we've got a long design career ahead of us- the goal is pointed towards the clouds. We'll write a detailed posting about this later tonight.