ASTRO Brings home GOLD

Some of you may know us personally, others may vicariously live through the fun/boring things we do. Both Anh and I have design jobs by day and batman by night. Congrats to my partner and brother on working on the Nike Fuel Band at his awesome day job with ASTRO STUDIOS ( Such a successful awesome products this is only the beginning we've got a long design career ahead of us- the goal is pointed towards the clouds. We'll write a detailed posting about this later tonight.


CREATIVEsession X Unscripted X Rhymefest X Karmaloop

Last Thursday, Anh and Arnelle hosted Unscripted, Rhymefest, and Karmaloop at the Astro Studios for a late night photoshoot. We had a great night networking and meeting everyone and we're hoping for a lot of future collaborations.Overseeing the photoshoot process

Arnelle showing off her artistic skills

Rhymefest striking a pose

Roy from Unscripted with Rhymefest

Anh talking to Chris from Karmaloop and the Unscripted guys, while Arnelle interviews Rhymefest.

Thanks to Unscripted for providing us with these pictures.


Sony Eclipse on Yanko Design

Most of us in the design world know about; Personally, Yanko Design is one of my favorite sites to check out. They're always updating with new designs that are often very inspirational.

Yanko just published the Sony Eclipse, made by my brother and I. Check it out :

UPDATE (10/2/10) : Our Sony Eclipse is the top post on the front page of Yanko Design! Check it out before it's gone!

UPDATE (10/4/10) : It's gone, but you can see it right here at this link: