What happens when you herd a bunch of designers into a playground in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, provide them with a bunch of kegs/ paint a few makeshift chalk outlines in the field/ throw in some dodgeballs, and let them have at it? For as long as I can remember the design firms of the Bay Area have gathered for some lighthearted fun every Fall in the annual Design Dodgeball Tournament at Jackson Playground. This year’s tourney, hosted by FuseProject, took place a few weeks back, and we headed out to document some of the fun, as our senior member Anh represented for his day job Astro.

Here’s a quick recap of the day, for your enjoyment, along with some footage of the after-party held at Huge Design.

Congrats to Fuse Project for winning three years straight. We’re looking forward to next year’s battle, and maybe we’ll even see some of you out on the fields.