PDX | Rainforest a site worth following

Our good friend up north Marquis McNeil and the whole MynORity crew have been silent but deadly. We knew were  working hard at putting something amazing together and not sharing. The guys just published their latest creation, the "PDXrainforest" here a description : Welcome to PDXRainforest! PDXRainforest is an online blogspot where creative minds come to cover the culture of Portland, OR. Through in-depth articles and innovative picture capturing, PDXrainforest covers everything from Art to fashion, music to lifestyle. Geared to the new renaissance of Portland “hipsters”, our blogspot gives an alternative way to look and capture the new lifestyle the beautiful “City of Roses” has created from its original roots....... read more here PDXRainforest

C.S has been following these guys progress for a long time and each and everytime they release/drop something. It makes you only want to work harder to reach their level of dedication. Keep it up guys.

Creative Session capture PDXRainforest Snippet