3 Minutes w/ Mynority - MA&C

Sidestory: November marks the time of year we all start traveling for the holidays. Whether it's homeward bound or vacationing in exquisite locations, our final destinations are something we all look forward to. For Thanksgiving 2011, I had been anticipating a much needed break from the San Francisco grind and was looking forward to a bit of relaxation back home with family and friends in Portland, Oregon. I planned to do nothing... (could this be true..? obviously not)

I blame it on finding joy in working hard; is this insane? I'm not sure. It could be that I'm doing what I love, therefore loving what I'm doing.

I made time this Thanksgiving to connect and shoot a featured interview with long time friends; Marquis McNeil, Isaih Marcell, Olu Majekobaje, Tyler (Halfa) Monk, as well as two new dudes, Aaron Dickson and Timothy Greenidge, who makes up the company Mynority, based in Portland, Oregon.

This is the final interview video; be sure to read about them after the jump:

Featured Story:

Mynoirty embroidery_creativesession interview

Mynority is about Art, Music and Fashion - These guys are a prime example of principles we live by here at CS. We do not just like to talk about things; we become proactive and make shit happen - whether the results are good or bad, the journey brings plenty of lessons learned. Like Malcom Gladwell said, "To be a genius, you must put in 10,000 hours of practice," - theses guys are going to continue to grind, and in due time they're going to ahead of the crowd because they started something, while most are only talking about it.

Mynoirty detailclothes_creativesession interview

Mynoirty detailclothes_creativesession interview

Marquis of Mynority explained he started the brand back in college while being inspired by individuality. To design clothing he loved with like-minded folks. The brand is about art making and designing apparel that has an exclusive appeal; not one piece is similar to the other, because each piece is hand crafted individually.

Mynoirty duo_creativesession interview

Mynoirty detailclothes_creativesession interview

While interviewing the whole team, I picked up on details that you usually don't get to see as an outsider looking in. Unfortunately, I had to keep the interviews short (only 3 minutes long), so I had to trim it a little to keep the interview video precise. Here are some quotes that I found to be rich and fruitful from the cast of Mynority;

"My personal fashion is very eclectic; I don't want to fall into one single genre so what I bring to Mynority is that same kind of confidence." - Olu Majekobaje

 "As you know we say FAM alot. What's dope is we are a FAM. Our company entails fashion, art, and music- which spell out FAM" - Isaih marcell

"Mynority paints a lifestyle, with my music that's what I want to do, paint an image, make music that is driven by creativity" - Tyler Halfa Monk

"When I think about the start of Mynority man, I think about... Number 1: we are all FAM, we're all cool hanging out together, who else would you want to eat with....." - Tim Greenidge

Mynoirty detailclothes_creativesession interview

Mynority is continuing to expand - One expansion is music, with Isaih and Tyler focusing on building a strong musical branch for Mynority member Tyler Monk, known by rap name Halfa . He has released a mixtape called Intermission, you can download it here: Listen and download Intermission ASAP

Also check out the latest video by Halfa titled Who Knew