Do Over Portland OR


Last years Adidas party the "Do Over" has gotten me fiend'n for more. The traveling party hits many cities such as New York, LA and just happen to be in Portland on my last summer when I was up north.

Last week while in Portland for a wedding the "Do Over" was in town again I guess our reunion was inevitable. My day started out great the sun was warm in the high 80's, I went to Nike to pick up gear at an employee rate of 50% off - the perks you receive having connections! Following the shopping spree I met up with some good friends for Pomegranate Momosa and brunch. Then the Do Over.

Unfortunately due to popular demands the line wrapped around the block, mind you I came 30 minutes before the venue opened. My good friend Paul Vu was there an hour before so I slipped right in front of him in line. After 2 hours of waiting under the hot sun and people cutting one another like crabs in a bucket I bounced! I manage to take photos but not very many.

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Sony Eclipse on Yanko Design

Most of us in the design world know about; Personally, Yanko Design is one of my favorite sites to check out. They're always updating with new designs that are often very inspirational.

Yanko just published the Sony Eclipse, made by my brother and I. Check it out :

UPDATE (10/2/10) : Our Sony Eclipse is the top post on the front page of Yanko Design! Check it out before it's gone!

UPDATE (10/4/10) : It's gone, but you can see it right here at this link: